Give electrical installation a face within a month with TYPO3

"Energa is an allround electrical installation company that helps customers with installing data network, home automation, electrical installation, intruder alarm installations, telematics and sustainable technology."

Responsive, Website

Data network, Security, Telematics

Give electrical installation a face within a month with TYPO3

Website within a month

Energa, an all-round electrical installation company, had to have a website within a month. Previous attempts to launch a site failed. With only thirty days to go build one in TYPO3 that is also easy to manage by the customer.

Manage elements

The new website meets the need of Energa. Elements can be turned on and off, how the editor would like to have it. The job section can be turned on if Energa needs new employees and turned off  if the vacancy is fulfilled. Eight pages will show the services that.

Easy to learn

Rob Martens, sales manager at Energa and the one who will keep the website updated with news, is very satisfied. “TYPO3 is easy to learn. Within ten minutes I had mastered how everything works.” Martens loves it. “I can easily add photos and manage the whole website.”

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