Aesthetics in constant change with TYPO3

"The Pallas Kliniken rely on agile adaptations for their extensive website - they work continuously on the pages and use sprints for optimisation."

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Aesthetics in constant change with TYPO3

The customer

The Pallas Group is a leading clinic group in Switzerland specialising in ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine. More than 120 doctors treat thousands of patients a year at 17 locations in Switzerland.

3m5. is continuously working for the company. All agile implemented collaborative projects have the goal to present the Pallas Clinics online in the best possible way. The website as a central and interactive platform for various applications and target groups is the centrepiece, which is adapted agile to digital trends.


Challenge and strategy for implementation

In a sub-project, the task was to implement technical optimisations that an SEO agency had analysed as ranking-improving factors. In addition to improving the usability of the website, the main goal was to ensure that users searching for different treatments on the Internet would find the Pallas offer in a targeted manner.

The individual treatment pages, such as those for wrinkle treatment or hair transplantation, are particularly relevant to SEO. During the optimisation, 3m5. proceeded with technical tact - the motto was to reuse as many elements as possible instead of completely rebuilding them. The changes mainly affected the frontend, where the 3m5. developers redesigned the CSS and reworked around 30 elements.


Continuous improvement

The approach to the project is special: Necessary adjustments are analysed and the points that need to be optimised are implemented in an agile manner. In this way, the website is always up to date and no mountain of requirements accumulates in the background. It is always a matter of optimising selectively and building on the existing basis. For example, feedback from customers is used to derive concrete requirements. Instead of a large project with a one-time investment, the website is improved continuously and permanently. This continuous process is similar to Pallas' core business: if it is done well, outsiders have no idea of the effort behind the "façade".

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