International and user-friendly new website with TYPO3

"How a German global player in sports surfaces is demonstrating its market leadership online – with a new international and user-friendly website. "

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International and user-friendly new website with TYPO3

About Polytan GmbH

As a specialist in professional sports surfaces, Polytan GmbH has been a sought-after partner for the equipment of sports facilities in Germany, Europe and worldwide for more than 45 years. At its site in Bavaria, the technological leader in sports surfaces produces artificial turf for hockey and football and intelligent racetrack systems. An in-house development department is continuously optimising the company’s high-quality products and regularly introducing new innovations. More than 300 employees ensure a consistently high product and material quality “made in Germany”.

The solution

With open-source CMS TYPO3 already in use, it did not take long to find a suitable technical basis for the relaunch. TYPO3 not only offers the ability to design multilingual, responsive websites; the CMS can also be flexibly expanded without major structural changes, if required.

An information architecture was developed that enables clear, user-friendly navigation. Graphics templates were then converted into TypoScript templates by blindwerk. Navigation was taken back to the basics in the form of a dropdown menu realised by blindwerk. The menu provides plenty of space for the presentation of products, allowing them to become the focal point of the website.blindwerk also developed a product and reference database specifically for the website. This forms the new core of the site. Through the intelligent database system, products, brochures and references can be selectively integrated into the respective country/language version.

A one-off data import enabled the quick import of content such as product information, 3D visualisations, graphics and catalogues using linked folder structures via XML.


The new website

With the new website, Polytan GmbH can now underline its leading position on the international market as a single-source provider for high-quality artificial turf and sports surfaces online.

The content displayed varies according to the country of the visitor. The external effect is not only supported by the new corporate design, but also by the presentation of products and services using high-quality images and illustrative videos. The comprehensive database system allows general content to be conveniently adapted, while the respective country-specific branches can update their own content independently, thanks to the simple user management system. As a result, the relaunch met an important requirement of the customer, namely to save time and money in content and product management. 

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